Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Random Dr. Visit

Morgan stayed home with a cold for a few days last week. About that time, or a bit later, she started to do some odd things pertaining to her potty habits. She would have to go pee several times in a row. A few occasions she would pee a little in her panties, which threw her into a tizzy and she'd have to change her panties immediately. Finally on Sunday it dawned on me that this may be something we need to see the Dr. about. A possible UTI (Urinary Tract Infection, I know...gross)? This is something we'd never dealt with before and I haven't experienced it much myself. In fact besides a few colds, Morgan has not had any illnesses/issues that required medication since she was six months old. Pretty good, in my opinion.

With Morgan's autism we struggle with communication over little and big things. I asked her this weekend if it hurt when she went potty and she said "Sure!" in her silly way where I don't know if she really means "yes" or if she's just agreeing with me because she feels like it. She has never complained of pain or anything bothering her (though we've noticed her adjusting her pants/panties a lot).

So...I called the nurse at the pediatrician's office and she said to come in. I gave Morgan lots of liquids to be sure we'd get a good sample and she did manage not to freak out when they had her pee in the "hat." I do think she had to go so bad by that point it didn't really matter. When we saw the Dr., there were no other issues (as possible from her cold), but the preliminary test did say she had a UTI. It made sense when they said how this happens...it's sometimes due to basic anatomy and not wiping well. Morgan has been wanting to wipe herself lately and I admit to not being as diligent about it. Ooops. So, off we went to get our antibiotic and she'll hopefully be feeling better soon. She's back at school today and besides a few extra trips to the bathroom, her teacher said she's doing great.

The picture above is while we were waiting for the Dr. This is a brand new office that opened the same morning, so I figured "how dirty could the floor be?!" They were playing "Night-night" and insisted their coats were blankets. Hey, we had to wait forever for the Dr. and they were occupied!

Lastly...so odd. Morgan was unusually affectionate with the Dr., randomly giving him hugs and sort of "pawing" at him. I think he was a little thrown off by it too. She usually keeps her distance. I think the Berenstain Bears and the "Visit to the Doctor" book has helped tremendously with any fears of doctor visits. She even said "Just like Dr. Grizzly" when the Dr. was checking her ears. Good girl!

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