Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Bus - A Small Victory

So...we are still working on the "bus coming to our house" issue, but we won a different small victory regarding Morgan's transportation to school. Right after Thanksgiving her morning pick-up time changed to 8:07 am. Yes, almost an hour and half before school starts. Too long for a little girl on any bus, much less a special ed bus.

Yesterday, when the bus picked her up, the driver mentioned that starting on Monday, she would be put on a different bus. She did not have the details, but she seemed slightly surprised that this was happening. "But, she does so well?!" she asked. Yes, she tolerates the ride, but that doesn't mean she should be forced to do it. Morgan does do fine once she's on the bus, but mornings are hard for us in general. With a shorter bus ride, it opens up a time for us to be less rushed and less tantrums happen. We also are afraid that, like her parents, Morgan is not a morning person. It's hard to get her up and focused.

We are hoping for an 8:30 or later pick-up time. Wish us luck as we hear the details!

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