Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Morgan Tidbits

A few things from the past few days. David is at his annual trade show in Las Vegas and we are missing him. Morgan loves it when Daddy gets her up in the morning and is woefully disappointed when I've been showing up in her room each day. That's alright. There are plenty of other things she prefers that Mama does.

On Monday night I was talking with David on the phone as I was putting the girls' dinner together. I told them dinner was ready and to come sit down. Then I watched, mesmerized as Morgan went to the refrigerator, opened the door and pulled out the milk jug. Keep in mind, she can only do this when there is not a lot of milk in it...way too heavy otherwise. Then, she put it on the counter and pulled a stool up to it. She then got on the stool chose two glasses from the drying rack and set them side-by-side on the counter. Still amazed, I watched her open the milk and pour an equal amount of milk into each glass (basically using up what was left in the jug. Wow. She has never done this before, nor did I know she could if she wanted to. Well, I knew she could, but I'd never tested out the theory. She was so proud of herself and praised her and gave her big hugs. I had been giving David the play-by-play, so he praised her via speakerphone. I've got to figure out a way to put the milk in a smaller container so she can do this whenever she wants!

Morgan's teacher called today during school time. At first I was worried something was wrong, but she reassured me that Morgan was fine. She usually emails me information or interesting things Morgan does. Today they were working on "why" questions. They would give specific examples like "Why do we wear a jacket?" Answer, "Because it's cold outside." Or, "Why do we eat our hot dogs?"..."Because we're hungry." Her teacher decided to have one of the assistants ask Morgan the question again about the hot dog. She asked "Morgan, why did you eat your hot dog?" She had asked it a little differently so they wondered how she'd answer. Morgan answered, "Because I wanted a cookie." Ha ha! This is great because she wasn't just memorizing a rote answer, she was thinking about it and answering spontaneously! This is also so Morgan...she has some things she'll eat no matter what, but some foods she'll eat if she knows she'll get a treat. This was apparently one of those!

Finally, during the NFC finals on Sunday David was really fired up about the 49ers. He always is, but with the Super Bowl at stake he was even more passionate. Morgan (and Piper too), get a little upset when David yells at the TV, players, refs, etc. even if it's something good. Morgan was trying to get David's attention for something and suddenly busted out "SERIOUSLY!!!" She had the total sarcastic inflection too. She knew she was saying something funny because she immediately cracked herself up. Maybe we have a little comedic personality coming through?!

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