Monday, March 22, 2010

Twelve Minutes

Twelve minutes. That's how much time I got on the arc trainer at the gym before the childcare team came and got me. I knew it was coming. Morgan was yelling so loud that all the Moms on the machines around me were commenting to each other "I wonder who's kid that is?!" After the person directly next to me gave me a perplexed look I said (kind of loudly on purpose) "Mine. She's mine." I think the other ladies we relieved that it wasn't their kid. Then one of the caregivers from the childcare showed up and off I went to collect my girls.

I expected this though. We hadn't been to the gym in a while and Morgan always takes a few days to get used to it again. She cried as I was leaving. I waited and she calmed a little. I made sure to say goodbye and that Mama will be back soon. They said she started crying again pretty soon after I headed upstairs. They put her in the same room as Piper to see if that helped, but then Piper started crying. Uh oh. Last straw.

Sigh. We'll try again tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed you at least gave it a try! 12 minutes is still 12 minutes. Hope tomorrow is better.