Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heart Melted

We were going about our normal bedtime routine tonight. I took a little longer than usual getting Piper's bottle ready so when I got back upstairs David was combing Morgan's hair. This is usually my job. When Morgan saw me she grabbed my hands, pulled me toward her and put her arms out for a hug. Usually her "hugs" are kind of one sided. She puts her arms up, but I'm the one that really squeezes her tight. This time she actually hugged ME!! I said "ahhh, I love you," and she say "I-yuv-oo" right back!! It just melted my heart. Then she did it again!!

It sure makes up for a day full of toddler whining and refusing to sit on the potty.


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So often these extra special moments go unrecorded. Way to go Mom.