Thursday, March 25, 2010

Testing, testing...

Here's the latest in Morgan's possible "evaluation" with a child psycologist... the Pediatrician and therapist talked, but I had not received any info back on a referral. A few days passed, and after still not hearing anything I called the office and he was out for the day. One of his nurses said she would go through his notes and see what she could find. She called me back later and said she found the name of a psychologist in his notes. OK... she assumed he was going to refer Morgan and she gave me the psychologist's contact information. I haven't received a call from him saying this was not the case so I called to see if I can get an appointment.

That's about all I have. I have left a few messages, but have not heard back yet. She noted on her voice mail that she also works for the school district three days a week in addition to her private practice. Busy woman. I have a feeling that once she does call back it will be a while until we actually see her.

The therapist did tell me to get an appointment set up, even if it's three months down the road. If we get there and the concerns no longer warrant an evaluation, we can cancel. I liked hearing this from the therapist, as it seemed that whatever is going on with Morgan is not a huge issue.

Just wanted to let everyone know where we were in the process. Morgan is still making progress, so that is good news. We'll keep you informed on how she's doing and any new information we might receive.

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