Monday, January 11, 2010

First Haircut

Morgan got her first haircut on Saturday! It was a long time coming. This first picture of Morgan in her kitchen is somewhat of a "before" picture. Her hair has gotten rather mullet-like and scraggly. She did really great, no crying. Towards the end she wanted to get "down," but timing was perfect and the haircut was done.

Cooking in the kitchen

Just arrived at the Hair Zoo. Sitting on her rhinoceros.

First snip!

She likes it! She also had a video of Elmo to watch.

The first lock of hair. They gave us a cute certificate for her first haircut with a bit of her hair attached.

Getting to hold the combs

Smiling at Mama and Grandma

Helping comb her hair

Mama's checking out the final product

Making the bangs a little shorter

We don't have a great "after" shot. I'm trying to retrieve one from my Mom's phone. Will post soon!!

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Berri said...

Great photo sequence! You'll want to keep that first snip of hair; I actually have a snip of Meg's Grandma Elaine's baby hair and it's still soft and silky!