Friday, November 6, 2009

Ring Around the Rosie

A little more than a week ago, David and I took the girls with us to Safeway to get our flu shots. We had to wait a bit before getting the shots, so we took turns following Morgan around the store while the other waited with Piper.

On my turn with Morgan she headed towards the frozen foods aisle. When we got there she stopped next to a few ladies who were chatting. She turned around and said to me "ashes, ashes!!" This is what she says when she wants to play Ring Around the Rosie. Unfortunately she doesn't pronounce "ashes, ashes" quite right and it sounds like "ass, ass." Oops. I hurried her away from the ladies before they heard her...I think. It was pretty funny though. We still laugh when she says it at home.

1 comment:

Berri said...

Well, in the game when they get to the "all fall down" part they do fall on their "ass", right? ;)