Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Morgan has been very diligently learning her ABCs. When we say each letter she'll repeat it back to us. Here's how it goes:

Parent: "A" Morgan: " A"
"B" "B"
"C" "C"
"D" "D"
"E" "E"
"F" "F"
"G" "G (followed by rolling tongue)
"H" "Aesh"
"I" "I"
"J" "ppbbbttt"
"K" "Kkkkkkk" (one long k sound)
"L" "L"
"M" "M"
"N" "N"
"O" "Ohhhh"
"P" "P"
"Q" "Coo"
"R" "S" (yes, she jumps ahead to S)
"S" "S"
"T" "T"
"V" "V"
"W" "byoo"
"X" "Xssssss"
"Y" "Y"
"Z" "Z"

So, she's pretty adept except for a few letters she puts her own spin on. We think it's pretty cute.

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Berri said...

I think it's pretty cute too. Family legend has it that Bruce would say "I" when Mom said "R". In third grade I had to go to speech class because my R's weren't strong enough. What is it with R? No pirates in our background?