Friday, July 10, 2009

Crib Games

Morgan has come up with several "games" she likes to play when resisting falling asleep for naps or bedtime.

Game #1 - The Lovey Toss
This one's been going on for a while. She sleeps with her bunny lovey and a blanket. Suddenly she discovered if she tossed them over the side of the crib we would come in and give them back to her. I played along for a while because she fell asleep so much easier with her lovey. This game escalated when Grandma and Grandpa visited because Grandpa was having a little too much fun with her when he gave the lovey and blankie back. Sorry Dad, we love how much you love her...but it got out of hand. So when we were having to go in the room 4-5 times before she went to sleep I had to put my foot down. We are now on what we call a "zero tolerance" policy and if she tosses her toys, she does not get them back. The first few times we had to do this were rough, but she now eventually falls asleep without them. Once she is asleep we gently put them next to her so when she wakes up during the night she falls right back asleep. Sometimes she actually holds onto them so we don't have to go in and retreive them at all.

Game #2 - Bouncy Bed
Just discovered this one today. I put her down for her nap and when I checked in on the monitor a bit later she was jumping up and down "look Mom, no hands" style in the middle of the crib. Then she would fall forward onto her lovey and blanket and laugh. When she stands in the crib you can only see her from about the chest down on the monitor screen. It was just too funny to watch! Eventually she settled herself down and went to sleep.

Game #3 - Laps
In this game she sort of "bounces" from one end of the crib to the other, sort of like you'd imagine a boxer in the ring. Similar to game #2 eventually she gets tired out and plops herself down to go to sleep.

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