Thursday, July 2, 2009

32 Week Dr. Appointment

I can't believe it's already 32 weeks and my last appointment was at 28 weeks. It's funny, some days seem like they're going slowly, but most of the time it seems like this pregnancy is going really fast.

My appointment went well today. I was most excited to hear that this baby Biscuit is currently head down and the Dr. thinks she'll stay that way. Yay! We did schedule a "growth" ultrasound in two weeks. We asked for this mostly because our "anatomy" ultrasound was done very early at 16 weeks and we want another confirmation on gender as well as to be sure everything still looks OK. I also want to see how big she is and especially how big her head is. Morgan has a BIG head and I think most of you know what happened there. Ouch!

So, for the next month I have appointments every two weeks, at 34 weeks and 36 weeks...then from there I will have appointments every week until I go into labor. I think the time is going to pass really quickly.

As I thought, I'm starting to have a little more overall discomfort. This is the same as what happened with Morgan. I'm moving just a little more slowly, especially while carrying my 26 lb toddler around. Sleeping is getting more challenging with a bit of increased congestion and the return of some rib pain. I'm still able to keep up with my yoga classes and working out at the gym though. I'm confident I'm going to be stronger this time come delivery. That keeps me motivated to not be a couch potato. I am also very grateful that I am able to take advantage of Morgan's nap times for a nap of my own. This feels like such a luxury. I keep telling myself, enjoy it now...the sleepless nights are right around the corner! I can't wait to meet this baby though. It will make it all worth it.

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