Saturday, March 3, 2012

She's a Biscuit!

Piper, that is...and she's doing just fine! One of our nicknames for Piper is "The Biscuit." Long story...we called her this even since she was in utero and is still fits her somehow.

We had our follow-up meeting with the physical therapist on Thursday. Piper spent some time playing while the therapist ran through the remaining screening tools with me (social/emtional, cognitive and adaptive skills) well as testing her on a few items directly. All in all she's doing well! Later, the therapist told me she mentioned earlier in the day that she had the follow-up with Piper and the other therapists that met with us last week said "Oh that Piper? She's doing great!" So, this was even before she did the testing today.

That was so nice to hear as we have been through so much with Morgan. I think another reason I pushed to have this done was because Piper is the absolute youngest in her "pre-preschool" class. Her birthday is August 27, and our cut-off for K in Washington State is August 31. Sooo, that means we'll have to deal with the dreaded "do we hold her back?" question as we get closer, but we'll take it year by year. It is just hard to gauge how she is doing because all the kids in her class are older and showing so much more of their social skills.

The therapist did give us some activities and other recommendations of what we can do with her at home to be sure she is making progress in her gross motor development. She's also going to call us in about six weeks to see how she's doing.

Yay Piper!!

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