Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Dancing Girls

Gram and Grandpa B visited a week or so ago and Grandpa always takes great pictures. These are from the girls' dance classes. They look forward to Friday mornings all week long!

Morgan is practicing her "galloping." She's got this down pretty well. She is also working on her skipping, but really only uses her right leg for now. They also chasse, and tiptoe like ballerinas, with their arms over their heads...known as "sunshine arms."

I am not sure what Piper was doing at this point, but she looks so pretty! She's come a long way in her class and is participating for the majority of the class now. They allowed her to start early, but now that she is finally two and a half she is joining in more easily and following directions better. No wonder most teachers don't start kids in dance until two and a half or three years old?! Developmentally it makes sense.

Thanks Grandpa B!!

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Berri said...

Love these beautiful action shots - thanks to you and Grandpa B!