Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Yesterday we were making our way out of the gym childcare area and I heard a loud voice directed my way. I looked down to see a girl who was talking directly to me in a very serious tone. She said "That girl was mean to us!" I said "Who was mean to you?" She pointed right at Morgan and said "THAT girl!" I asked her what happened and she said "She took our toys away from us."

Sigh. I knew this would happen at some point. Of course not being there, I don't know what really went down. Possibly Morgan was fixated on some particular toy and did take it from the other girl(s). Possibly the girl interrupted Morgan playing and she fought back. Morgan would never be intentionally "mean" as she doesn't understand what that is, but I'm sure it's how it appeared to the other girl(s). Who knows...when we left the gym I stopped Morgan and asked her if she took the girls' toys. Morgan said sadly "Yes." Morgan does not know how to lie, so I know she must have done this. We had a little talk about not taking toys other kids are playing with and she seemed get it. Well really, I just talked at her, but something seemed to register like she understood what I was saying.

I expect this to only get worse as Morgan not only is possessive about toys, she just doesn't understand the social cues involved with sharing and playing with other kids. She's making progress with Piper, but I imagine older kids can be intimidating or anxiety-inducing for her. I'm sure this is not the first time she's ruffled some feathers at the childcare. Luckily I have not gotten any negative comments from the staff, so far.

To tell you the truth...this particular girl totally rubbed me the wrong way. I know my kid was probably in the wrong, but I'd say this girl was the mean one. The way she spoke to me, with such a nasty expression on her face...she may just be a future bully in the making. If I was Morgan, I wouldn't want to play with her either.

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