Monday, August 22, 2011

The Spinny Chair

Say hello to our "Spinny Chair"! We've had this for a while, but I thought it was worth a post. I took these pictures during "quiet time", so no kiddos in it, but I'll try to do some "action" shots later.

We first saw this chair in a speech therapist's office while we were taking a seminar. It was where they were doing the childcare and all the kids, autism or not, LOVED this thing. They would hop in, close the cover and one of the SLP students would spin them around and around! We learned it was from IKEA, so on our last trip to Seattle in June we took a spin by the store on our way home and picked one up (and managed not to buy anything else, amazing!) Here's a shot with the cover open.

And here's the cover reminds me of something from Mork and Mindy, no?! Morgan and Piper love taking turns as well as spinning together. They fit in there quite nicely right now. Piper has even figured out how to lie on her tummy and move herself around with her hands too! I know...hard to picture, but I'll try to get a shot of it. She doesn't move fast, but she likes doing it herself.

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