Monday, July 11, 2011

Piper's Boo-tay

As some of you may have read a while ago, David taught Morgan to say "boo-tay" for bottom. Even though I use the term "bum" most of the time, she continues to use "boo-tay" when referring to this area of the body.

Last night the girls had their bath. Piper had already gotten out and was standing, still naked, on the stool by the sink, waiting to brush her teeth. Morgan, being dried off by David, points at Piper and says "I see Piper's boo-tay!" We laughed and said, yes, there it is! She then says "I want to touch Piper's boo-tay!" and heads towards Piper. She does just what she says she was going to do, then announces "It's squooshy!" Yes, "squooshy." Not squishy, but squooshy. I kind of like it!

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Anonymous said...

LOL - I don't know if I'd want my boo-tay to be described as squooshy! :)