Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Costume

We're having a "sick day" at home today. Both girls woke up with icky noses yesterday, so it's been a few days of laying low. We're trying to find ways of entertaining ourselves and, of course, that does include more TV than usual (insert Mommy guilt here). Morgan was watching her beloved "Fresh Beat Band" on Nick Jr. today and was inspired by the episode that included the main characters dressing up in costumes. She kept saying "I want my costume" and pointing upstairs. I finally asked her if she wanted her "flower" costume, because she wore it this last Halloween and it was the most similar to the costumes they were wearing on the show. She said yes and put it on right away. She continued to wear it through the next show until I told her she had to take it off for Quiet Time (she also needed to use the potty, but was procrastinating because she wanted to keep the costume on).

Silly girls. It's not easy to get a picture when the TV is on. The costume barely fit Morgan. She is so tall that it couldn't have been that comfortable. Still cute though. It made her happy and that's all that counts.

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