Thursday, April 7, 2011

That Mom

The phrase "that Mom" runs in certain circles to describe situations when things may go haywire and your actions/or non-actions as a mother may be on display for public. For example, when your kid throws a huge tantrum on the playground or does something inappropriate at a birthday party. It's how you handle the situation that puts you in this place. I hope this make sense, but here's my "that Mom" situation from yesterday.

I took Morgan and Piper to the grocery store yesterday. We'd done our BIG shopping trip the day before, so I only needed a few things the other store didn't have. Morgan has taken to not wanting to ride in the cart, so she "helps" me shop and I let her put some of the items in the cart herself. All in all, the shopping itself went fine. It always gets sketchy at the end because they get impatient at the check-out line. The first meltdown happened when I failed to purchase Piper's balloon. I was feeling good because I decided to get the girls both a balloon as a treat and they very nicely both picked out two different Hello Kitty balloons. In the checkout line Piper kept giving me her balloon like she suddenly didn't want it. Every time I gave it back to her she pushed it back at me. I put it to the side and kept asking her if she wanted it, but she kept pushing it away. Of course, as I finished paying and pushed the cart away from the cashier she start crying for it and pointing to every balloon she saw saying "boon boon!" I went back and got it then hurried to the self checkout to purchase it. I thought we were in the clear.

When we got to the car a I put both girls in the car (but not in their car seats) so they could stretch their legs a little while I put the bags in the trunk. As I'm loading things in, screaming ensues from inside the car. I open the door and see that Piper is trying to play with the compartment between the seats that opens and closes. Morgan is not letting her do this, so she is yelling at her. Then I try to turn on some music and Morgan screams and turns it off. Piper screams some more. Then Morgan tells me she wants to go back in the store for a Dora book she saw (which she already has, but wouldn't take no for an answer). Both girls refuse to get in their car seats. I sit there for a while as they yell, watching people walk by and glance towards us. After much trying to "reason" and give them choices, with no luck, it finally becomes clear that there is no way to make them happy. I take a deep breath, physically push both of them in their seats, buckle them in and we leave...both of them still screaming.

I head out onto the busy street and then have to stop at a light...still screaming...I look back and realize that the balloons' ribbons are wrapped around both their legs and they are trying to free themselves. I put on my hazard lights and reach back to untangle them. Many cars are trying to get around us, but the screaming is so loud I barely notice. I finally get them free and am able to drive. About a block down the road the screaming finally stops. Sweet silence the next mile or so home. I'm not sure if anyone else would have handled it differently. I tried my best to calm them down and coax them into their seats, but they were not having it.

The one bonus I got from this is that the double mega-meltdown wiped them out. Piper took an AMAZING nap, Morgan did not demand to use the potty 4 times during quiet time and I got a nap myself!

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