Saturday, April 23, 2011


Our little Morgan has sure been surprising us lately! I almost don't want to say it or I might jinx it. Yesterday I had her take her doodle board into her room for "quiet time." Of course, we had the latest episode of tearing her Tag book, so "Tag Guy" is taking a break from Morgan for now. Shortly after depositing her in her room I hear what I thought we're frustrated sounds. I'm not sure what it was, but when I went in her room she was drawing faces on her doodle board. Gramma A taught her how to do this around Christmas time and she randomly makes me draw faces and she attempts to sort of halfheartedly do them herself.

I went in to take a closer look and saw she was drawing what looked like hair and arms and legs on her "faces." She drew a few, erasing them from the board when she was done (I ran and got my phone). When I came back in she was drawing a new one and she shocked me by saying this one was "Morgan."

She seems to be holding something in her "hand", but Morgan wouldn't say what it was.

This one is "Piper." She is also holding something. I wonder if it is a doll? No way to know.

Each time she'd erase a picture she'd say, "Now I'll do Mama"...and on and on. Apparently those are my arms, but they sort of look like lasers shooting out of my eyes.

This one is "Daddy." I think it's a pretty good likeness, don't you think. Many pictures have three legs and "antennae" as well.

I especially like this one. It was not anyone in particular, but she seemed to very carefully draw "hands." This is not unlike other drawings I've seen kids make.

Finally she requested to take her own picture with my phone and this is the best one she got. I watched her do it and she held it steady and pressed the button. She definitely knows how it works! It's not as random as I thought.

This girl is amazing us! I sent David a text with one of these pictures and he replied "Boo Boo drew that?!" Out of nowhere! I'm going to have to talk with her Occupational Therapist about this. I might email the photos to her teacher too.

Still in shock that she did this. What will she do next?!

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