Sunday, February 27, 2011

The white stuff, with a little red too

So, I unintentionally took a week off of blogging. Oops. No reason in particular...the time just seemed to fly by.

We thought we'd escaped any further winter snowfall, but last week the white stuff decided to appear again. We enjoyed our first official "snow day" on Thursday, so there was no school for Morgan. We spent the day playing and staying cozy indoors. It was super windy outside, blowing drifts of snow, so we didn't think venturing out would be a good idea. Along with the arrival of snow the next few days were COLD! Brrrr! That may have had something to do with the following events...

David got up before me on Friday and left early. As he was heading out the door he warned me that he'd had a bloody nose in the middle of the night and that some had gotten on the sheets. I needed to wash them anyway, so I just thought OK, no big deal.

After she woke up, Morgan was playing nicely in her room. I went in the say good morning and she kept playing for a bit. Then I opened the door to Piper's room. She was standing in the crib with her arms outstretched and, as usual, a big smile on her face...then I noticed something that always comes with a shock to a Mama...her face and hands were covered in blood! Ack! I hurried over. She didn't seem bothered by it. She had not been crying before I went in to get her. She was looking curiously at her hands as if she was thinking "what is all this red stuff?" Poor thing. The bleeding seemed to have stopped, so I gently wiped off her face and hands. The mess in her bed could have been worse, just some blood on her sheets and pajamas, all blankets and loveys were spared.

THEN...later in the day the girls were in their nap/quiet times and I heard some louder-than-usual noises from Morgan. This usually means a poopy pull-up, but we'd already done that routine. I went in and she was half-asleep on the floor with, what?! Again? A bloody face and hands. I wiped her all off and put her in her bed. She sleepily said as I left the room, "thanks for the wiping Mama." OK, sweetie, no problem. Then she slept for almost two hours. Unheard of!

So strange...I'm the only one that seemed to be spared from the bloody nose. I don't know if it was the dry/cold climate that caused it, but no problems since then. So strange that it happened all in one day.

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Anonymous said...

That is so bizaare! Glad there were no lasting issues.