Saturday, February 19, 2011


Mobius is our local children's museum. We were thrilled to get a membership from David's parents for Christmas. We have already taken them there are few times this year. They LOVE it! There are so many things to do there and so many learning opportunities. They have water play, little go carts on "streets" with traffic lights and stop signs, an arts and crafts area, a village store, grass hut, costumes, musical instruments. So much to do!

On our way there last weekend we hadn't even told the girls where we were going. Morgan kept saying "I want to go in the hole!" David and I looked at each other and thought, how does she know where we're going?! The previous time we were there Morgan had discovered a "rabbit hole" in one of the play structures. The kids can jump right down into it and crawl through a tunnel to get out. Piper had made the mistake of actually falling into it, which freaked me out. She was a little startled, but fine. I think that made a distinct memory for Morgan though. When we got there, she ran right to the rabbit hole!

The museum was a little different than the last time we went. We don't know how often they change the attractions/activities, but it's great that they do that. There's always something new for the kids to do. We got a few pictures, but they just show a small amount of the available activities. They could stay there all day if we let them!

Piper by one of the over sized "doll houses." She crawled into it herself, but I got there too late to get a shot of it.

The fruits and vegetables at the "store"

Music on the stage

Morgan makes the conveyor belt move all by herself!

Loading the bucket and pulley

Moving the "big legos"

Putting the ball in the vacuum tubes. It shoots out the top!

In the "three and under" play area

Piper and Piper (they have the same name!)

Morgan joins in

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