Monday, September 27, 2010

Valleyfest 2010

Spokane Valley throws a fun festival at the end of September every year. Last year it rained, so we didn't go, but this year it was a GLORIOUS day! It is at a local park and there are all kinds of things to see and do. There is a full bandstand with dancers and singers, art vendors, local business vendors and lots of attractions for the kids. Oh, and we can't forget the food, hot dogs, taco trucks, funnel cakes and elephant ears. Sure to please any kid...and maybe give them a stomach ache too. I think we fared pretty well though.

This was our lunch break of a simple meal of hot dogs, always a winner for the Allendorf girls. They always taste so good in an outdoor festival setting. I think Morgan is making sure Piper is eating her hot dog...she had already gobbled up hers.

A quick shot of the vendor tents. There were a TON of people there, lots of kids, strollers and balloons. Morgan got an orange balloon that she insisted on launching into the air. She saw a few of them floating away as we were arriving and I think that's what she thought you were supposed to do with them. I remember being so upset when I lost a balloon when I was a kid, but she had a BIG smile on her face as it floated away. We got one for Piper too and they both played with it at home that night. The next morning it had lost all it's helium and Morgan kept trying to throw it up in the air. She got really angry when she realized it wasn't going to float anymore. I guess she had to learn that lesson sometime.

We are always trying to get Morgan to try new things. We wonder how she's going to handle them, but usually she does just fine. She was OK with sitting on the sheriff's motorcycle and liked the "deputy" sticker she got when she was done. Now, the face painting didn't work out quite as well. As soon as that brush got close to her she freaked out! Maybe next time.

This, of course was the hit of the day. She kept saying "bouncy" and "jump" until we let her go on it several times. One time she wouldn't come out when her time was up and I had to be "that Mom" who had to climb into the bouncy house and drag her out. Do you think we should get one for our backyard? She loves it so much she might even sleep in there?!
This was so fun to get out as a family and enjoy the nice day. We ran into a few people we knew and overall had a great time! The girls were pooped and took good naps when we got home and David and I relaxed in front of some college football games. Love Saturdays!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry - I've been "that mom" too. Glad you guys had fun!