Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Play Place

We have a spot we go on rainy or cold days. It's called the "Play Place" at the mall...not much shopping goes on, but it's great fun for the girls. We've been enjoying being outside all summer, so Saturday was the first day since last Spring that we needed to get the girls out, but it was not nice outside. Rain, rain go away...

I think a lot of malls have these play areas now. They are enclosed spaces with seating all around them. There are fun things to climb on like little boats and a tunnel that looks like an overturned tree stump (Piper's favorite). There's also a little patch of flowers, a ladybug and a fish. There is even a big tree slide! All these things are made of a sturdy, yet soft plastic, so if the kids fall they're unlikely to get hurt.

It was fun to see Piper tool around and play with all the toys and features. Last Winter she was still so little, that she didn't get much out of it. David and I would take turns holding her while the other chased Morgan.

We still had to chase Morgan a little, but not much. She's now able to handle many of the features, like the tree slide all by herself! Last Winter she could get up the steps by herself, but she would sit at the top of the slide and wait until we came to "catch" her. We literally had to pull her off the top of the slide. This time she was up and down it so fast. We just got to sit and enjoy it. Ahhh, that and a nice coffee treat made my day.

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