Thursday, August 12, 2010

California Dreamin'

We are home from almost two weeks visiting family and friends in California. We had a great time! I wish I could always have my camera with me, but I think I got a few good shots that sum things up. Here's how our adventure went...

Morgan and Piper did GREAT on the flights. I do think two hours is tops for flights for a while. Piper was so squirmy on the flight down that David and I switched her back and forth on our laps every 15 minutes or so. We really hyped up the "fun" for the plane journey so Morgan would be comfortable. I was concerned about her sensitivity to loud noises. She did so well!

Even David sucked it up and pretended he was having fun on the flights...though I could see the tension when we had turbulence here and there. We made it!

Morgan with Grandpa B (in red with camera around his neck) at the Lafayette Reservoir. They have a great playground area for toddlers.

Looking tentative at the top of the slide. I think Grandma caught her on the way down.

David took this sweet shot in the tunnel. When I asked Morgan later what she did at the playground, she said "tunnel!" This must have been her favorite part.

After a few days in Lafayette (and David's 25th HS reunion...he had a great time), we journeyed into the mountains to Twain Harte. Here's Piper at "The Lake" with Grandpa A. She sucked poor Grandpa in with her sweet charm. He was smitten!

Morgan's favorite thing in the world, swings! We joked that the lake must be like "heaven" for her...water and swings.

We hung out on the "baby beach" this time. Lots of families and kids having a blast!

Morgan had the best time jumping off the "dock." She even jumped a few times without holding on to David's hands! Our brave girl! She loved her new "puddle jumper" life vest. She even learned how to float on her belly completely horizontal, and sort of swim a little. We just had to keep telling her not to drink the water...ick. She also loved pushing Piper around in the floaty bear.

Morgan with her cousin Keilah. They took turns "jumping" off the fireplace hearth. Cousin Jack liked to play this game too.

Look at these big kids!! Morgan , Keilah and Jack. Last time they were all together they were eight, five and seven months old. Now all 2 1/2....what a fun bunch they were!

Cousin Keilah shared her alligator float with Morgan, who chose to call it a "dinosaur."

Floating into shore. She had so much fun on that toy. You also should have seen all the other fun floaties at the lake, a HUGE duck, a shark...Morgan would point all of them out when she saw them.

Back in her best scrunchy face while eating lunch. Piper really made some strides with her eating during the trip. Bye bye baby food and hello table foods! We had her eating Grandma's lasagna at the end of the trip!

This is "The Playhouse" in my parents' backyard. My Grandpa built this for my sister an I when we were about 7 or 8 (is that right, Mom?). My parents spent a lot of time fixing it up before we arrived for this trip. Morgan LOVED having tea parties in here with anyone who would participate.

My parents also hosted a lovely "Open House" at their home for us to invite our friends to. We had a nice group of guests who enjoyed yummy food, refreshments and the California sunshine. It was so nice that week. Usually late July and early August is hot, hot, HOT. But, this year it was unseasonably cool, but still warm. Perfect for us!
David and I were able to enjoy a few jaunts and meals out and about without the girls. The Grandparents loved getting more time with the girls and we had a much-needed break or two. Of course we ate too much, but how can you pass up home cooked meals as well as "home town" favorites that we cannot get in Spokane?! Thanks for every one's hospitality and it was great to see all our families! We look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Anonymous said...

What a great trip. Glad the girls did well and you guys had fun!

Berri said...

Great trip! Thanks for sharing.