Monday, August 23, 2010

Back on the Roller Coaster

Not that we ever really got off it. I had a frustrating conversation with Morgan's speech therapist on Friday that completely threw me for a loop. As I have included in this blog, we took Morgan to see a child psychologist last May because one of her therapists recommended it. She said she saw something in the way Morgan "processes" things and that it was "subtle," but we should have her evaluated. Immediately my mind went to Autism. Admittedly, Morgan is a quirky kid, but some kids just are.

Anyway, we were relieved when the psychologist ruled out any "Pervasive Developmental Disorders" such as Autism, Asperger Syndrome, etc. For whatever reason, Morgan is delayed in her speech development and is behind socially. We are continuing to work on these areas with therapists and she starts a preschool program in September.

So, on Friday at the end of Morgan's appointment, I asked the speech therapist some questions on Morgan's progress and how she's doing. I am puzzled by the fact that Morgan does not learn a lot of basic language skills socially (i.e. she doesn't pick up on a use pronouns like "my" and "your"). We are having to teach this to her more directly. I've asked the speech therapist about this before and she said "I don't know why." This time I brought it up again and she said, "well, Amanda (the physical therapist) and I were talking yesterday and we think when Morgan's older she'll be diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome or something like that." HUH?!! A cold chill went down my spine. I thought "what is she saying?"

It's kind of a blur to me what she said next, a few things that were positive on how once we are able to teach Morgan directly, she gets it. But then (as she's walking out the door) she says, "everybody has stuff with their kids, I had it with mine." Well, I know none of her kids were diagnosed with life-long, life-changing developmental disorders. When she left I think I was in shock for a bit. And let's just say this weekend just SUCKED! Sorry to those who don't like that word, but it's all I can say. David and I argued about this a lot. We went from being upset with the therapist to just feeling lost again to what is going on with our daughter and could the psychologist's opinion be wrong?! I feel like we are right back where we were the last time a therapist made a comment.

One decision we've made is getting another opinion. I've put calls into two other people that I was referred to last time, one other psychologist and a developmental pediatrician. They probably have long waiting lists, but I'll make an appointment anyway. It can't hurt to do this. It will be great if they agree with the first doctor, but if not we can make sure we have Morgan in the best therapy possible for whatever the situation might be.

Not that it changes Morgan's diagnosis (or non-diagnosis), I also felt it was important to speak with someone at the therapy clinic about this. I thought it was inappropriate and really somewhat careless to say something like this to a parent. Someone made a comment to me that possibly these therapists get a little desensitized to how this might emotionally impact the family. Yes, but it's still not OK. The owner was out this week, but I spoke with the office manager. She was surprised that the therapist said this to me and said she would speak with both therapists and get back to me. I'm supposed to hear from her in a few days.

Up and down we go on the roller coaster...trying to hang on tight.


Berri said...

Hang in there. It appears that you have an unprofessional therapist. She should not be making insensitive comments, and should not be telling you what she thinks a future diagnosis will be. Her training must have included proper ways to deal with these issues. You seem to be on the right track seeking another qualified opinion. Love you all!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how that up and down feels. Thinking of you all.