Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Music Truck

We've been lying to our children for a few years. Really. On purpose.

During the summer we occasionally hear the fabled Ice Cream Truck on nearby streets. The girls will hear the lilting songs playing and will ask where it's coming from. David and I would look at each other and knowingly agree on our approach. He was the one who came up with the brilliant idea to call it the "Music Truck." He'd say something like, "Oh, its a truck that drives around playing music...isn't that cool?" The girls would smile and listen. We were lucky that it never actually came down our street, until two weeks ago.

David was outside playing with the girls one evening and I heard the melody of "Home on the Range" or whatever song they usually play. Then I thought "Uh oh", because the girls have never been outside when the truck came. At that point one of our neighbor's kids, an eight year old boy, came racing out of the house and down the street to flag the truck down. Well people...the jig was up. It was time for our girls to learn the truth.

David came in to get some cash...and admit defeat. Of course the girls were thrilled!! All the kids on our street came streaming out and that truck had a jackpot he never knew about. Funny though, he hasn't been back since, at least when we've been home. Spokane must be short on Ice Cream Trucks...he must have a lot of streets to cover.

The girls scored some cool missile pops and both of them ate every last bit. Morgan even exclaimed at one point, "The Music Truck has Ice Cream!" Hee, hee. I guess we'll have to start calling it the Ice Cream Truck now. At least now we know they don't come around often so we can feel free to let them have the treat when it happens. We were just in fear of having to disappoint them if we had to say no. Maybe next time I'll even have one too!


Barbara said...

The picture of everyone at the colorful "Music Truck" is wonderful.

Geoff said...

OMG! I can't believe seeing this post. When we lived in Boulder, CO, in the early 1980s, we came up with exactly the same idea to keep our (then) 4 year old son from having the obvious reaction whenever that truck would come into our neighborhood. We were fortunate enough that our son never caught onto the trick. It was not until just a few years ago, when we were visiting with friends in Boulder, in the same neighborhood we lived in then, and the truck came by, and we took a picture and posted it on our blog with the full story, that our son found out the awful truth. Now it is a standing joke in our family. I wonder how many other parents have perpetuated the "Music Truck" fable to their kids. So sorry it did not work out so well for you. I am going to send him a link to this entry. I am sure he will get a big laugh out of it.

Geoff said...

Here is the picture on Flickr of the truck in our old neighborhood, with our old house in the background, in 2009. Your girls will probably get a big laugh out of this whole thing some day.