Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa Claus Came to Town

Santa Claus is Coming to Town was one of Morgan's favorite songs this Christmas season. She would always request "sing Santa Claus!" And by Christmas she was singing it all by herself. Those people we skyped with on Christmas day can attest to this.

As soon as the girls came down the stairs in the morning they headed right to this new little car. Piper opened the door and hopped right in. This is later in the day when Morgan decided it was her turn and Piper didn't want to be left out.

I think Morgan had enough of Piper sitting on her and she quickly exited the car. Now Morgan likes Piper to push her around the kitchen in it.
Both girls got lots of new toys to play with. I think they were both a little overwhelmed. Even after a few days they go from one new toy to another, not quite deciding what they want to play with the most. We certainly have a challenge ahead of us regarding storage. Some toys are going to have to be "cycled out" somehow. There is just too much that they don't play with anymore.

Check out this sweet fairy princess. Several times a day Morgan wants help to put on this beautiful costume her Aunt Cristen bought for her. She loves the crown the best which sometimes is left on long after the rest of the costume has been removed.

A little blown out, but I love the expression on Piper's face. She is giving us all sorts of funny and expressive looks lately. She also tilts her head to the side in a silly/coy kind of way that makes us laugh every time. She also has been giving us the BEST hugs! She'll walk up to you with her arms up. Once you pick her up she leans in, puts her head on your shoulder, wraps her arms around and actually "hugs" you. Sometimes she throws in a few pats on your back too. Grampa is totally smitten!

Our sweet girls. Notice the bow on Morgan's head. She had many colors of bows on her head throughout the day. Cracked me up.
We had a wonderful day of enjoying Gramma's wonderful cooking. Sausage/egg casserole and coffee cake for breakfast...yum! Then Aunt Trudy and Uncle Dan came over for an amazing dinner that night. We had a lovely fillet roast with broiled tomatoes and orzo pasta, topped of by creme brulee for dessert. It was divine!
So, considering our news earlier in the week we managed to have a wonderful Christmas. Diagnosis or no diagnosis, Morgan is our sweet girl and we will love her to no end no matter what. This marks a "new reality" for us, a challenging journey ahead, life with an autistic child. We will take it day by day and do our very best for our girl.
Also, Gramma and Grampa A had to leave to head home this morning. So sad. We had a wonderful three weeks with them. We were so spoiled by Gramma's cooking and their generous babysitting services. We were able to enjoy several holiday get-togethers sans kiddos. They just really wanted to spend time with the girls anyway.
It was also invaluable to have them here while we had Morgan's testing and initial results. Having that emotional support was amazing. There are so many decisions to be made in these situations and having confirmation that we were doing the best we could really helped.
David is "off" work this week so we are planning lots of good outings and family time (he is taking calls, just not traveling or visiting clients). I am also thinking this blog needs a design overhaul...not sure when that will happen, but a "new reality" needs other changes as well. So much to talk little time...

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dulongfamily said...

Love the pic of them both piled in the car! They sure are cute together. I'm glad you had family around this week. You are so strong and that strength will serve Morgan well. Thinking of you.